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By Sensei Malcolm Fisher, edited by Charles Rhodes

There are only three strategies in the world of Karate. These strategies also apply to other aspects of our world. These strategies are often fluid and ever changing to meet to the realities of the moment. The time in between the execution individual strategies is used to create opportunities or to await an opportunity. This time may be referred to as positioning or neutral time.

How well one matches his/her strategies to his/her opponent's actions and the speed with which strategic adjustments are made and executed are an indication of one's depth of understanding of the art of Karate-doh.

The three strategies are:
1. Attack an attack (sen-no-sen);
2. Absorb an attack and counter attack (go-no-sen);
3. Attack just as you are about to be attacked (sen).

The selected strategy specifies the instant of movement and the distance specifies the technique. The shorter the distance, the shorter the technique. If the motion does not conform to the criteria set out on the Fisher One Page, then maximization of energy delivery is impossible. If a technique cannot be executed in less than 0.5 second then it is just a fantasy.

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